Loving friends during a hospital crisis…with FOOD!

"Loving friends during a hospital crisis...with food" from ServingMyBFF.comSo something has happened and someone you love is at the hospital. It could be an accident, a sudden illness, an emergency surgery…

No matter the reason, there are people at the hospital with them (family, friends, loved ones), and they are not thinking about food. As a matter of fact, they are probably not thinking clearly about anything.

Food is available at the hospital, but it is usually not very good and more times than not nobody wants to leave the waiting area to go get the cafeteria food. Providing food at a time like this one way to help and show your love.

Now, the main thing in this situation is not to ask for permission or ask for an order. “What would you like to eat?” is just another decision that has to be made on a day when they’re already making way too many decisions. Family and friends are dealing with all kinds of issues and probably don’t even realize they haven’t eaten or are even hungry.

Just show up and serve.

The best bet for delivery of food is to take something that is easy to eat and can fit into anyone’s diet. Go by Chick-Fil-A® and pick up a few sandwiches or a some nuggets. (Make sure you get all the sauces!) Or, pick up a variety Subway sandwiches with the condiments left off. Simple is always better.

Don’t take food that can’t be out for a little while or that is too cumbersome to eat. Most people will probably just pick at the food or eat when they realize they need to so it may not disappear right away.

The goal is to provide nourishment, make it available and take pressure off the family and friends waiting at the hospital.

Individual items are better than a tray of food because it can be eaten as needed and not have to be re-wrapped or re-packaged.

It’s also nice to have some snack foods. Individual bags of chips, fruit that can be left out such as bananas and apples, etc. Again, simple is best.

Bottled water and canned drinks are always welcome. Ice is usually available at the hospital but plan on providing cups if you take a gallon of something such as tea or lemonade.

Be sure to take all needed supplies such as plates, napkins, cups, etc. All disposable of course. Additionally, make sure you take bags for easy storage. The easier it can all stay together and out of the way, or be moved if needed, the better. The goal is to make sure those waiting don’t have to take too much time dealing with what is there and that it is easily accessible.

Food for the hospital is a great way to start loving on your BFF and their family when a crisis occurs. It is one less thing they have to think about and allows you to make sure they are fed and comforted during a very stressful time. My theory is just show up with the food and it will disappear. An added benefit is that they feel loved and you were able to help!