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You get the phone call at 6pm… just as you’re putting dinner on the table for your own family. It’s the phone call that will change your life forever. It’s one you never wanted to get.

Now you wonder, “What can I do to help?” You may even ask the person on the other end. But, they don’t know. They are numb themselves. They can’t tell you what they need. But, they need you. Or they wouldn’t have called.

We’ve been there. We three “sisters.” We each got that phone call for our one amazing friend, Katie. And, we each answered that call in our own special way. Our Katie had a team of BFFs. God orchestrated it that way. We all loved her and her family through a hard fought cancer battle that ended when she met Jesus in February of 2011. We continue to love Katie’s family and one another as “sisters” who have been through the trial together. Our bond is one that will last a lifetime.

Now, we want to share all that we’ve learned with you. We want to help you, our friend, who’s received that horrible call and needs to know what to do. How to help.

We pray this place will become somewhere to find ways to serve our friends in need. We pray that it will be a place to find a resource, a recipe, an idea. We pray it will be a place to share the pain we are experiencing, because we all truly understand. We pray it will become a safe place where we can all work together to serve our BFFs.

The Sisters – Angela, Kathy, Melanie

One thought on “About Us

  1. Awesome blog – can’t wait to keep up with all that you suggest and encourage. I know a third of you and think she’s great so looking forward to learning more about each of you. Praising God for His orchestrating your friendship and the journey you are on. He is good all the time even when circumstances seem the opposite.

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